The quality of any Sensa Homes development lies in the material and integrity of our work.
Our diversity as designers and builders is an extension of our dedication to create homes that are trusted and built to last.

Crown Hill
Modern Townhomes

Fremont Ave 
Modern Rowhouses & Townhouses

West Seattle
Stunning Townhouses

Townhouses with great views

Crown Hill
Luxurious Family Residences

Modern Townhouses with amazing views

Capitol Hill
Luxury Rowhouses

Holman Rd
Smart Rowhomes

Capitol Hill
Luxurious Townhouses with 180º Views

831 29th Ave S
Modern Townhomes

4107 SW Oregon St
Duplex Units

10449 Alderbrook PI NW
Urban Single Family Residences

6723 23rd Ave NW
Modern Single Family Homes

7022 29th Ave NE
Modern Home