We surpass the highest standards of our industry, offering superior construction quality. We have a reputation for attention to detail in everything that we do; from our development locations, to our design and building process, and our ability to navigate the financial market in order to ensure community development success.

At Sensa Homes, we live by five core principles that serve as the foundation for everything that we do. They guide how we make business decisions, and the value that we place on exceeding customer expectations.



The layouts of the homes that we build are based on space, flow and functionality, so that you can move comfortably throughout your home.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to continuous innovation, advancement, and forward-thinking building.


Our houses are built green certified, which ensures that they are high quality, durable, and have a lower environmental impact. Purchasing a home from us means that you will require fewer renovations & will save money on utility bills due to higher efficiency.


We pride ourselves on providing superior customer satisfaction. When we build our homes, our customers drive the process. Our responsibility is to ensure that the experience is a fulfilling one, from start to finish.




We understand that the space you live in is a reflection of who you are.

We surpass the highest standards of our industry, offering superior construction and quality craftsmanship in the building materials that we use.


If you are looking to become a part of our exciting property development industry,
in an environment where team contribution is encouraged and valued, than look no further.